Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Guide: dog themed wrapping papers

Well, you know, if you are going to wrap it, you might as well wrap it right.

Dog paper, puppers.  It's what all the cool pups are using this season.

We're linking you to a few we like today so you can be well pup-pared!


That top one is from The Container Store.  Can anybody ever go in there and just buy what they went in for???  Thank heavens it's online.


This one, online at Amazon, gets high marks for having cats and dogs.  In this time of good cheer, we'll go ahead and include our feline friends.  It is the season of being GOOD and all.


We love Paper Source.  Two paws up for this one!


Wagga, wagga, puppers.  You knew we would find one with Westies in it, didn't you.  Handsomest dog on the page, yes???

Go forth and wrap in taste, puppers.  Wrap in taste!


  1. Definitely cool. Very nice finds. I'll be sharing your link in my soon-to-come Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas.

    Aroooo! Stuart