Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traveling with Dogs: Tales from our Roadtrip

At first I thought we were gonna get "the worst of times" out of the way right away.  I mean, really, look at the size of this dog.  When I first met him it was all "Look Duncan, you get to meet your cousin Garmin.  Garmin is a great dog and we all just know you two are going to be great friends ...."

Me and the Giant, facing off ....

Hello, eveybody.  Anybody see the size of that dog????

Compared to me he is a GIANT.

Let me tell you something, when I went up to introduce myself and do the requisite sniffing, I walked right under the dude ... with about a 4 inch clearance.


I had been in the car for a while, so after the initial size inequality impact wore of, we headed out to the back yard and played and ran and played and ran.  I got to run around without a leash which was fab.

Note to self:  ask for backyard for Christmas.

But do you know what happened next?

Anybody recognize that bed???

That darn giant goof of a dog claimed MY bed as his own.  Just because it was his house and his kitchen that my bed happened to have been dropped in, I kind of thought it was down right inhospitable of him to takeover my bed.  I mean, really, there go my comforts of home for this trip!!!

I thought was probably it for "the worst of times" given how much people rave about the fun factor of road trips.  I mean, think about it, don't each and every one of you have a road trip story you're thinking of as you read this???

Yep, I was thinking that was it until this happened:

They locked me in the kitchen with the Giant.
I got left behind on my own roadtrip.  Right after we got there.  And, I wasn't just left behind, I was left behind behind a dog gate.  With Garmin.  Who wanted to keep playing, and playing.  I had met my match, people.  I had met my match.  That dog has more energy than my left paw. 

I know what you're thinking, but really, it's true.  He made me look like the batteries had finally died on the Energizer Bunny.

At last, I found  a spot to get some peace.  Yep, as a testiment to the smartness we all know I have, I found a place Garmin was too tall for:

And, yes, in the giant bed turnover that was occurring right under my snoz, I did, indeed, steal Chammy's bed under the desk.  Thank you my friend, it was nice and comfy under there!

best friends
I am pleased to report that after day 1, we got it figured out between us.  Yep, Garmin is the best cousin a pup could ever have.  Surrendered my bed back to me and one day we even got in it and took a little nap together ... each on our own end, of course.

And, as an added bonus, I am pretty sure if there is a NO NO FRIDAY this week, Garmin is gonna be the featured guest :)


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