Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Traveling with Dogs: Tales from our Road Trip

I am pleased to report, that "the best of times" was better than the best!  Right off, I got to hit the beach.  Just me and mom, out for a sandy adventure. 

Get that subtlety there ?  Just me and mom.

Anywoof, first thing I did was get the compulsory "pose so mom can practice with her camera" photo out of the way:

olbligatory posing while on vacation shot
Mom was bummed because she did not really get the shot she wanted.  I couldn't help it.  All of a sudden a bunch of duckers flew in and I got distracted.  I am going to go ahead and dare to say that even if I'd have had more behavior training, I'd have still relinquished the pose I was holding and turned around to check out those ducks.

Nice shot of my back side Mom ...

The best part about being on vacay is that Mom relaxes the rules a bit and that scene up there turned into this one:

Oh, be still my heart ...

Continuing along the "Mom in Wonderland" relaxed control scenario, here is what happened next:

Come on in, the water's great!

Dang, I love me a good roadtrip!!!!


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