Thursday, June 23, 2011

Traveling with Dogs: Tales from our Road Trip

So by now we gather that you are a little tired of the details of our trip, yes?

We will spare you the long version of the day, and will only say that by now we were getting into a routine that went pretty much like this:

Wake up, play with Garmin in the back yard until my feet are so dirty I look like I have socks on.  Get first paw bath of the day.

Take obligatory "let mom practice" photo.

Go to the beach, and in this particular case, ponder the green stuff on the beach.  We don't have that down south.

Go home and play with Garmin in the back yard again until tired, all the while thanking the puppy gods that mom thinks these "socks" are cute enough not to worry about it.

Take second paw bath of the day ....


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