Friday, July 2, 2010

You give me too much credit ...

You didn't really expect a NO NO FRIDAY today did you?

Flying solo and hanging out my own dirty laundry????

I think not.

OK, that, and did you really think I could really figure out how to (1) take a picture, (2) get that frame with the background on it (there's colored backgrounds and angles involved there, you know), (3) add text and (4) add it to the blog? THAT would have resulted in a "paws on the keyboard" comment and we all know I have been banned from using that particular phrase this week.

So, without any further sniffing around, allow me to introduce my 4th of July series ... the pictures are not all that great, but don't judge me people, until you have walked in my paws. When was the last time YOU tried to take a picture of yourself on a disposable camera while at the same time trying to put some cheap party hat on your head???????

With no disrespect intended at all, you will see that I had my own blonde moment at the end and started chewing on the hat. That what nerves will do to a pup people ... we just start chewing.

Happy Fourth of July Everybody!

Sign me,

Little D, big firecracker

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