Friday, July 30, 2010


Oh boy everybody.

Duncan's Mom here.

Duncan can't write today because HE IS AT SCHOOL.

That's right.

Little D has gone off to dog camp today.

For the first time.

Did we ever tell you that his older brother got kicked out of the first dog camp he went to??

This would be why I am sitting here with an upset stomach.

Praying that my dog does not get kicked out of camp.

Rambunctious? YES

A bit of a playful snapper? YES

If there is doggie karma, Duncan will get to stay in camp.

Cuz despite it all, Little D is one of the sweetest pups you'll ever meet :)

(And because we did alot of earnest NO NO training in the car on the way over there!!!!!!)

Sign me,

Nervous Mama


  1. Little D will do fine today, we wants to go play with the other pups.

  2. This just in ... I called (of course) to check to see how his "interview" went. HE PASSED!!!!!