Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Update

Listen up pups and pupettes ... when it's Mother's Day, you just gotta let it roll.
For instance, I let my mom take this flowery picture of me on the long Mother's Day walk I took her on. And, (nervous yawn) I let her say "tooter tooter ain't no westie cuter" all day long, and even one time IN PUBLIC.
And another thing ... a long walk in the park is a good start, but it doesn't mean poop if there is no flower delivery. Keyword here is DELIVERY. DELIVERY people. There is nothing more likely to get an excitement pee out of a mom than opening the door and having a floral bouquet handed to her. Plus, hello, we can't drive.
Second point about flowers is THE NOTE. It MUST be heartfelt. Goopy, pups, goopy. Words that must be included: best, fabulous, beautiful, LOVE LOVE LOVE, and "you rock."
Personally, I also included a list of a few things that would make her a better mother in the coming year. Careful here, pupsters, this can come off as a little self-serving.
Sign me,
Little D, son of the most beautiful, fabulous, best mom who I love so dearly and who totally rocks.

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