Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Runaway

I've always wondered what it would be like to roam free on the other side of the gate.
And then it happened.
I ran right through my mom's legs as she opened the gate to go get the mail.
I made it about 6 feet before we all froze: me, free on the grass; Mom, frozen three steps away from the gate; dad, on the patio with the hose spraying in his hand.
Mom reacted first. She foolishly assumed that my manners would kick in when I escaped and said "Sit, Duncan" and "Come, Duncan."
I laughed, but went no further afield.
Dad, the more practical of my parents, yelled "Hey Duncan, want a treat?"
I beat a hasty return to the patio and was rewarded with a treat.
And a little talking to.
Sign me,
Little D, Escapee


  1. Little D,
    Trust me the big world outside of the fence is NOT NEARLY as good as the one you have inside the fence! I am so proud of you for listening to your Dad...even if it was for a treat ;)
    Love ya,
    Aunty Karen

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