Friday, May 21, 2010

Introducing "NO NO FRIDAY"

My mom is reading a book called "The Essential West Highland White Terrier" published by Wiley Publishing. In this book it says "The Westie is mischievous, spunky, affectionate, devoted, and extremely smart."

Being that my superior smartness is published fact, I feel legitimately qualified to share with you some definite doggy NO NO's.

I know what you're thinking.


I can just hear your sassy puppy voice saying "If he is so smart then why is he getting grounded practically every weekend."

Well, helloooooo.

Did you not read that whole quote up there??

I am MISCHIEVOUS as well as SMART.

Can't hardly help myself.

Anywoof .....

Allow me to introduce "NO NO FRIDAY," a Friday only series (despite your thoughts to the contrary, I don't get in trouble enough to post a "NO NO" every day of the week) where I will share learning lessons for all you pups and pupettes out there.

And, perhaps I will share a "NO NO" post every now and then for you people types too.

We'll see.

The first NO NO is DO NOT CHEW YOUR MOM'S SHOES. And, most importantly, DO NOT CHEW THEM WITH HER FEET IN THEM. Bad idea, really bad idea.

Sign me,

Little D, most likely off to the doghouse for the weekend again
P.S. Mom, you could really use a pedicure, by the way.
Editor's Note:
Dear Duncan,
When you quit biting my toes, I will get a pedicure.


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