Tuesday, August 5, 2014

For you, Ruby!

Hey Ruby!

I know you are really a margarita girl, but we were thinking of you when we were drinking straight tequila on Saturday night.  I mean, I was thinking of you while Mom and Dad were drinking tequila.  I am still underage so they won't let me have any.  Party poopers.  Dad drank a whole little bottle of this coffee flavored tequila, which, by the way, you should try after dinner sometime, and then Mom put flowers in it the next morning when she had a "Martha Moment."

Love you, guuuuurl!


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  1. What I learned from a comment on my blog this week. In Australia and New Zealand your Mom and Dad would be called wowsers.
    Yes really. Google it.
    Toodle pip!

    1. They sure are Bertie. Wowsers of the worst kind. I at least get to have a wee drop when Dad's hitting the bottle. Tough luck Duncan!!

  2. Coffee flavoured tequila? That is a new one to us. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We also didn't know about coffee flavoured tequila, not sure how we feel about it, but are sure we would feel sick after drinking a bottle of it!

  4. Um . . . there is only one Ruby I know of who makes margaritas . . . and likes bubbles . . . and who knows what "Cherry Bomb" means. Are you just furiends or is there something I need to know here?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Dood, I would never encroach!!!! Her love of margaritas just makes me laugh alot so I was thinking of her when we busted out the tequila!

  5. Yes, that is a very Martha moment! I bet everyone was having fuuuuun!

  6. Oh Dougall, I hope the two legged ones were ok the next morning - if She drank a bottle of tequila (and She would, if it was coffee flavoured!!) She would be oooooooohhhh so ill and that of course, impacts on me as that would mean shorter walk that day ........



  7. Martha moment....bwahaahaa! Never knew Tequila came in flavours!

  8. DUNCAN.... we are glad that you did not imbibe... Underage drinking could land you in the Hoosegow , you know...
    We ALSO find Ruby's Love fur the Margarita... a Fun thingy and will never hear or think of one with OUT thinking... RUBY...
    We think your mom is BETTER than that silly Martha.

  9. Dey didn't even let ya have a lil taste off dere fingers??? Dat are just cruel!

  10. Whut a cute lil bottle... see we knows dat bottle is lil cuz we have some of dem kalanchoe flowers, too, and they is tiny!!!

    Momma's nevfur tried da coffee flavored tequila... but she sez she just might be lookin' fur some!

  11. WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! OMD, that is FABulous Duncan! I have to say, I have heard of this amazin' soundin' Tequila, butts I have never indulged...YET!!! hehehehe I am sooooo jealous! I GOTS to put that on my Wish List! It's a bummer your peeps wouldn't even lets you have a little sip...maybe next time! I will toast your peeps tonight with my furst margarita!!! ☺
    Ruby ♥