Monday, August 4, 2014

Dear Miss Molly ...

Dear Miss Molly,

Ever since you said you needed pinecones, I have been bugging my mom to take me to get you some because pine cones are my most favorite thing next to balls.  I have NEVER met a PINE CONE that I did not LOVE. 

So you when you said you needed pine cones, I said I've got this one!"

Yesterday, finally, mom got off her duff and we headed out to the regional park near us to gather you some.  I had my special pine cone gathering bucket at the ready by my side.

I was so excited to finally be heading out that I almost had an excitement pee, but then I remembered that I am not supposed to do that in the car UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, so I skipped that part.
Imagine our surprise when we got to the park and discovered that there are actually NO PINE TREES in our park.  Who does that, you Park Rangers?????  I mean, really.  No pine trees?  In a park????  That's just WRONG.
So, Miss Molly, it is with utter and complete mortification and dismay that I have to inform you, all was for naught in our pinecone hunting adventure. 
Do you think Ruby will still go out on a date with me when I come to Houston??




  1. Duncan, you need to go round to my Human Granny's. There is a massive Scot's pine tree in her back garden and she is forever asking Gail to pick up pine cones from the lawn...
    Toodle pip!

  2. OMD SQUIRRELS must have STOLEN all the PineCones... Not surprising Knowing SQUIRRELS as we all do.
    Sorry that you were disappointed. And you were SO pawPared to pick up a PAIL FULL of them.

  3. OH NOES!!! No pine cones??!! In California??!! Shoot Duncan, I thinks we got lots of pine cones up here! Okay, maybe not this year cause the drought kinda makes the trees all stingy in the cone department, butts usually it's rainin' pine cones!
    Wells, I hope you find a pine tree willin' to give up it's cones..I thinks your furiend Ruby (FABulous name BTW!) will loves to be your date anyhu!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Perhaps the lack of pine cones at that park will result in the need to go to another park. It could work out in your favour Duncan!

  5. What no pinecones???? I blame it on the squirrels. They are to blame for everything. Have a marvellous Monday Duncan.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. OMD! No pinecones. They probably think someone will sue if one lands on the head. Can't believe no cones! We only get little bitty ones around here.

  7. Even we have pine cones! Did somebody steal them?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Oh no a Pinecone caper!!
    How can that be. no pinecones!!!!


  9. Crikey ...... does it have to be PINE CONES?? I like ICE CREAM CONES myself!!

  10. Now that you mention it, I haven't picked up a pine cone in quite some time. I sure hope you find some the next time.

  11. You had all the best intentions ... You look so cute with your wee bucket!