Monday, August 25, 2014

"Dog Overboard" or "We've got a swimmer!"

Allow me to share with you the pictoral version of what really happened:

It was a lovely Saturday, and my bags were packed for a little adventure ...
This is a Duffy Boat.  Our Westie Rescue Group had gathered to tour the harbor on five of these boats with a few dogs on each boat. 
I was on a boat with my new best bud Baxter.  He was super cool. 

Yep.  I am wet.  I swear I didn't realize it was that big of a deal.  One minute Baxter and I were talking about how good the water looked and the next minute I decided to go for a swim.  You should have heard all the screeching.  There were 5 boats of us out there on that water and EVERY SINGLE PERSON started yelling things like "We've got a swimmer!!!" and "Dog Overboard."  I could have sworn I also heard a couple of "Nice Stroke" and "Good Form" comments when I started swimming back to my mom who, just so you know because I know you are wondering,  was apoplectic and hanging off the side of the boat I am sure thinking to her self "I will kill that dog if I have to go in after him ...."  Not to worry, it turns out that despite very little practice (what was I thinking???) swimming comes quite naturally to me.  And dad?  He was thinking "That's My Boy!"

Another boat was traveling with their own lifeguard, Joey the surfer dude and the mascot for our rescue.
Fortunately, we ran across this guy right after my little adventure and he gave me some advice to keep my mom from killing me.

I was a little afraid my mom might stop this boat and have them arrest me for my antics, but I was laying low and smiling real cute at her so she didn't call them over ...
Hey ho, puppers.  Guess who everybody's gonna be talking about for a while after this little adventure.  I seem to have made quite a name for myself :)


  1. OMD Duncan we bet you scared the living daylights out of mum. Mine too would be going nuts but then again what do they know? Epic mischief pal. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. bol at molly epic mischief duncan. you sure know how to get the pawty started!!

  3. Duncan, can you believe that Gail once deliberately threw me in deep water to, she says, test if I could swim. I could, and fast, to the river bank. Can't believe you went in the water of your own accord. Brrrrrh.
    Toodle pip!
    PS from Gail - in my defence, I was in the water in too, in my swimming costume, and ready to rescue Bertie if needed!

  4. Is you Mom still in the hospital after you stopped her heart.
    Boy of Boy are you lucky.

  5. You're our hero. What a great feat! You showed them how tough a Westie can be. Wish we could have seen a video of all those peeps goin' crazy--and clutching their westies.

  6. Well done! Sometimes we just gotta swim!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley
    "Use Your Noodle & Vote For A Doodle"
    Blogville Mayoral Election - Nov. 2014

  7. WoooHooooo!!!! Nice! See, in a room (boat) full of Westies, you GOTS to stand out, right?! You do look mighty proud of yourself, I must say....☺ That must have been HILARIOUS!!! You're a California dude..what did they expect??! Geesh.
    Ruby ♥

  8. I would do dat, I luvs swimmin. I been jumpin in pools since I wuz a baby.

  9. Sounds perfeckly reasonabull to me.. it were hot, so ya wents fur a swim!!

  10. I nominated ya fur da Most Influenshul Blogger Award, ya can pick it up here...Finley's Fables.

  11. Wooo Weeeee! Thanks for making me smile with that little story. Sweet!

  12. Wow what a great day! Glad you know how to swim!