Friday, July 18, 2014

Some people pay alot for shredding service.

Ok.  In the end I will admit it was a big bummer.
But it all started out pretty innocently.
How many times, puppers, have you seen posts here about me going all destructo on a package my finely honed present opening skills?  Many, many times, yes?
So how was I to know the package on the very low coffee table that looks like every other present we have proudly photographed and displayed in blog posts was not mine?
I mean, really.  Who is to know??
Sorry, Sophie. 
My bad.
The only up side here was that it was a dog toy, so in the end I WON, I WON.
Oops.  Did I say that out loud???
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  1. Have you considered offering yourself for hire?

  2. We think you are on to a great business model. FYI if it is a dog level, it is ours. If it is not a dog level, it still is ours.

  3. What can we say, if you can reach it, it's YOURS. Great job shredding.

  4. Duncan, maybe you need to calm down and check with Mom first!

    The Mad Scots