Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A whole lot of nothing and happy about it ....

Normally, I am all about blaming things on my mom.
Bad form to bite the hand that feeds you, I know, but the old girl is just such an easy target sometimes.
Anywoof, this one is all on me puppers.
I could not for anything have gotten out of my mom's lap and onto the laptop for a post yesterday.
Puppy camp on Friday was packed with puppers and this time of the year they are all newbies just in while their peeps are vacationing.  This meant there were lots of puppers and pupettes that I needed to show the lay of the land.  It gets so tedious when they try and try to get the ball when the counselors are throwing it for MOI.
As if that was not exhausting enough, I had to be charming all weekend for my Aunt Mel.  Yes, I was duly rewarded with LOTS of loving (I even got to spend the night with her one night - HA!) but staying on my best behavior to keep that loving coming for an extended period REALLY wears me out.  Best behavior does not come easily to me.  I am all grown up now so I can admit that.
I am fairly rested now, so if I can get my assistant in gear we'll be all set.
Wish me luck with THAT puppers.  We all know how miserable her track record here is ....
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  1. Duncan you do truly need some time to rest after THOSE experiences.

  2. We're exhausted just reading about it! Looks like you've picked a good resting place--until it moves.

  3. We understand, sometimes things just work against you, its' ok to miss a post, we have been really bad the last two months (dumb Secretaries)

    The Mad Pirate Scots

  4. Good behavior can be exhausteratin.

  5. Oh Duncan, keepin all those puppers in line I bets is just exhausting fursure!!! Butts I bet you're good at it. Nows, about keepin' the peeps up to speed..that really IS a challenge!!! Good luck with THAT!! BOL
    Ruby ♥