Monday, June 9, 2014

My heart has been broken ...

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Doesn't this picture just make your heart break for moi?

My mom was gone for a while taking care of the aforementioned impawtant family business, so when she came home I did what I always do and I looked at the pics on her phone to see what she had been up to while she deserted me took care of this impawtant family business.

Oh. My. Dawg.

She cheated on me.


I dare say she was cavorting with more than one dog at a time even.

And look at that backdrop.  They were cavorting in a beautiful spot, too.  A spot which I do not recognize, by the way, because she has never taken ME there.  She has only hung out there with the other dog.  I mean dogs, as in plural, as in there was more than one "other dog" involved here.

I dare say she was taking a picture of that other dog to use on MY blog even.

Oh, the travesty.

The question now is, are there enough treats in the world to make up for it?

I'll let you know, puppers.  I'll let you know!


  1. SHOCKING we say... SHOCKING. Your mom TRISTED with ... TWO dawgs... in a secret location. SHOCKING

  2. We agree so shocking we are lost for words. Shame on her. We think you deserve 87 million treats for that betrayal Duncan.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. My jaw dropped open. What are we gonna do with these Moms??
    You should demand treats and be waited on hand and paw until.........


  4. Shocked. Duncan. I am so shocked I hardly know what to say.
    Except that there must surely be a large quantity of high quality treats coming your way VERY soon.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Forget the treats - I'm thinking a four course meal is in order. Dog cheating - humans have no shame.

  6. HOLY CRAP!!! What the hell Duncan?!!! I say nothin' less than a T-Bone will do!!! I would not give in for anything less than Filet Mignon. Just sayin'....
    Ruby ♥
    pees: AND a margarita...always a margarita...

  7. This is so wrong! I always sniff mom down to make sure she isn't cheating!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Our mom trysts with other dogs ALL the time; but she comes home to us!!

    -Bart, Ruby and Otto

  9. I fink ya deserve some new toys for dat one!