Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Cuteness

Whoa puppers.
I got you again, didn't I???
That is NOT the picture you were expecting this Monday morning, is it?????
But really, why put another i-phone picture of me up (I think we've all had enough of that) when we have pictures of that cute pup we can show.
That is my friend Griffin from Dallas along with his new airedale pup Darby.
Yep ... even though I hate to digress from my own greatness here on MY blog ... I have to say that Darby is CUTE CUTE CUTE.
And Griffin is supercute too, by the way.
The wee one has a little bit of the old "terrier" in her, so I hope she reads my NO NO FRIDAY columns.
Surely she does, right?
I mean, if nothing else, I am here to protect and serve.
At least where the wee ones are concerned.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Duncan and thanks for posting my photo. I am 4 months old today and that Griffin is wearing me out. He had 4 snow days in a row last week. I plan on power napping today until he gets out of school. I hope your Mom doesn't get you a bark collar, because if she does then my Mom is going to do the same.
    Power to the Puppies!
    Darby O'Toole
    (Known to the AKC as Stone Ridge Lady Rosedale)