Thursday, July 23, 2015

In with the new ... GEEZE LOUISE

And then, when I thought mom was SURELY OUT OF MONEY to make any more changes and I was safe for another 10 years, all of a sudden the door opened and these STRANGERS CAME POURING IN with LOUD tools and GIANT boxes and things were going CLANG CLANG CLANG and BOOM CHUCKA LUCKA and I COULD NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE at all so I RAN AWAY which turned out to be a REALLY BAD IDEA but I was only down at Ms. Vickie's so I told mom to JUST CHILL OUT and that she really needed to STOP WITH ALL THE CHANGE and do you know what she said?  OK, do you know what she said after she told me SHE DID NOT APPRECIATE MY TONE. She said OK,  DUNCAN WE ARE DONE FOR NOW
Thank heavens.   My nerves are shot.  And now we will not be blogging for a few days because as you all know very well I do not like change and I will need to calm my nerves by hiding under the sofa for a while.  Like maybe a month or something. 

And I think Mom owes me about 87 trips to the beach, yes? 


  1. I would ask for clarification of 'Done Fur Now' long is NOW????
    Finks we need to send you one of Ruby's margaritas to calm you nerves
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. A Rubyrita is EXACTLY what I need!!!!

  3. I think you should ask for 87 million treats along with beach trips.

  4. Yes, she needs to realize the extent of your suffering!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Definitely YES! You need lots of beach time to settle your frazzled nerves.

  6. We like things to stay the same too. Why do the humans always have to change things around?

  7. Yeah, ya definitely deserves a beach trip. Take me too.

  8. Oh man!!! Duncan dude, I thinks you need like 87 pitchers of margaritas!!!! Holy Hammer Heads! i sure do hopes they are done messin' with YOUR stuffs!!! geesh.
    You can come up here and stay with me....I still gots my ole stinky truck we can ride in! BOL
    Ruby ♥

  9. I hope you can find a safe place and relax for a while.

    Ziggy Out!!