Monday, January 5, 2015

Starting the New Year off slowly around here ...

My mom and dad have "the crud" whatever that is.  Neither of them feel very good and you should hear the bargaining going on for who is going to go to the pharmacy for more Nyquil.  I would be RICH if they let me drive. 

Anywoof, while they are lounging, I thought I would show you one of my favorite things from Christmas.  My cousins came to visit, and mom's office got turned into a bunk room.  Look at all the beds for moi!!!!  I had the pick of them, I tell you!!!  All I had to do was nudge a cousin over  totally waking them up to make room for me, and voila -- EPIK cousin comfort.  Being the equal opportunity pupper that I am, during the night I spent a little time waking up with each of them.  When my dad came in to give me my breakfast and take me out before he left for work, I declined his kind offer to totally mess up my morning and decided to sleep until the kids got up.  IT WAS AWESOME!!! 

And, mom wanted me to show you this gift that we got (thanks, favorite aunties!)  Look at these cute chocolates.  They are hersheys nougats covered with cute dog accoutrements (BIG word alert!!)  Yes, there is one missing.  There was another missing shortly after that photo was taken.  I did NOT get to try one, which I thought was pretty crummy since the only reason SHE got dog themed anything was because I decided to grace her life with my presence, but SHE wasn't going for it.  They are made by a company called haute and cool at if you want to make a note for next year.  I don't have a clue who it is behind these, and wasn't compensated in any way.  Dang it.

Lastly, some of you have been talking about resolutions.  The most AWESOME thing about mom feeling so puny is that all she wants is to be able to breath out of her nose again.  So, looks like we're skipping it this year, thank heavens.  She did get a fit bit, work out clothes, etc, so I think the universe is trying to tell her something.  We'll see what she does with that -- hopefully it involves longer walks for moi.  Just saying.

Happy New Year,  puppers.  We'll be back when everybody feels a bit better!



  1. Oh no, hope your peeps feel better soon.

  2. my mommas trunk is still out of order too, hope the new year is strong enough to chase that flu- and cold-gremlins away. Your mom got interesting things, I'm sure that means more and longer walks with you. I've got the short end of the stick, first Santa brought me tons of food and now my momma comdemned me to a diet...
    Easy Rider

  3. We hope your momma and da are feeling better, the best part of ours being ill is we can snuggle in bed wif them, the worse part is we worry they will forget to feed us, it is a win/lose situation.....stella rose

  4. Hi Duncan, nothing makes a holiday more special than a great choice of comfy beds!
    Please tell your Mom we hope she's soon feeling all hunky dory again.
    Toodle pip!

  5. Happy New Year Duncan. Those treats are too cute and we think we should be able to eat them. Glad you had such a comfy place to sleep.

  6. Dog themed stuff that dogs can't have?!! There's something wrong there. We hope you get lots of long walks this year, too!

  7. POTP fur your PEEPS, Buddy... Butt we think they were WAY WRONG fur not lettin you have some of those Snacks which are CLEARLY Decorated with YOU in mind... Peeps can be VERY stingy sometimes...

  8. What cute chocolates! We hope your peeps feel better soon, Duncan!

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Mollyu

  9. Understand the Crud stuff, it here also...what a bunch of winey litte babies the peeps werw......not about that sleeping mean you missed breakfast, Oh My.

    The Mad Scots

  10. Oh man! I hopes your peeps are feelin' betters real soon Duncan!! Butts, you're right, this is an opportunity!! You can gets away with LOTS of stuffs! While the peeps are feelin' all sick and stuffs, they rarely care what WE are up to! I say, pry open that liquor cabinet, and let's have a PAWTY!!! Looks like you gots the 'resting' room all set up and ready to go! I'll gets the margarita truck all gassed up (and ME too! BOL!!!!), and I'll be down in two shakes of a lamb's tail...mmmmm..lamb....
    Ruby ♥

  11. Dose chocolates are pawsome! Hope da peeps feel better soon.

  12. Crikey Duncan ..... you were in bed HEAVEN, aye??? Doesn't get much better than that, aye?? I sure hope your Mom and Dad are feeling better soon and those LONG walks start to happen.

  13. Happy New Year Duncan!!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo