Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

Have I ever mentioned that I had quite a mouth on me when I was a little pup?

From what they say, I was so loud you could hear me from miles away.

Mostly I did not, and still do not, like to be contained in any way.

My mom was so determined for me to be crate trained that one time she put me and my crate in her office and when I started howling she put ear plugs in.  Bless her heart.  I out-howled the earplugs,  plus she looked funny.  I think it was the looking funny that made her decide to try another tactic.  Which also didn't work, by the way.

I am a little better now.  I only howl if you leave out the front door or if I can hear you outside and you are so rude as to not include me in your conversation.  That REALLY gets me going. 

And, with apologies to some of you, I occasionally get real loud around big dark dogs.  Not my fault ... one came after me when I was little and unable to defend myself and I am still not over it despite having grown into the fierce studly specimen that I now am imagine myself to me.

Oh, how I am enjoying looking back at NO NO FRIDAY.  The perspective makes me look like Wonder Dog now!!!!


  1. Totally agree with you about crates Duncan. The pits.

  2. It's funny how we all behaved when we were pups. Oh me...

  3. OMD! So funny Duncan! I am STILL a loud doggie! And, I apologize TO NOBODY!! I even 'talk' to my toys....



  4. We're only loud when INTRUDERS come into our yard....or walk passed cats, other dogs, humans... Roxy is loud when she wants someone to play with her.

    SHE never even tried that crate thing with us until Kendra got old and there were mystery poos on the carpet. Now Roxy is the only one with a bedroom at night.

    And anyway, tell 'em.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  5. Before I moved in Floydie was an anxious puppy. He HATED being along and would go CRAZY! He would howl and barks and whine and yip, they say it sounded like someone was trying to murder him! He's okay now though, because he has me to keep him company, and we're only loud when there's something to bark at.

  6. Stanley gets kind of loud sometimes. I don't get too loud, just my rooster bark when needed.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley


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