Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sorry about yesterday ......

Did you miss me yesterday?

Sorry, puppers.  But I have this insane fascination with diving and I spent all day yesterday trying to get it all worked out.

I'm no fool.  I have given up on the whole synchronization thing.  Who could match moi, you know? 

So I'm going solo.

Spent the ENTIRE day yesterday in my training pool.

Figured out a couple of things:

It makes no difference how much water is in your pool.  Unless, of course, it's empty.  That, my dogs, is a REALLY bad idea.  Fill 'er up, pups.  Fill 'er up.

Diving from higher up makes things way, WAY easier.  On level ground, it's a tad hard to escalate my fabulously formed hindside over the lip of the pool with any chance of scoring a 10. Gonna try diving from a chair next. 

It actually IS possible to keep your paws together and point. Did you notice how skinny those divers are???  We were watching them the first night and I said to myself "Dang, they must be HUNGRY!"  And that is when it all became so clear to me.   You see, puppers, if you put a treat in the bottom of the pool and make that your "gold" to go for, you will inherently dive in with your paws stretched out to grab the tasty delicacy immediately upon impact.  Especially if you are seriously hungry.  Only for the Olympics would I ever starve myself.  Thank Dog they only come around every now and then.  You know how I feel about my meals.

All for now, puppers .... gotta run ... more training and all ....
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  1. Hi Duncan, I think you have fabulous form and should get the gold for the extreme condition of your dive-you know the lip being so high ect.
    You stand above the rest!
    Hunter & Noreen

  2. Sounds like fun and a good way to keep cool!!


  3. Duncan, it's dedication like this that makes a true Olympic champion.
    Toodle pip!

  4. I'd rate that dive an eleven out of ten! Well done!

  5. Now that's a dive!!! You rock!