Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parting is such sweet sorrow ...

Me, taking Aunty K on a walk.
Dear Aunty Karen,

Thank you so much for coming to see me.  I hope you enjoyed your time being in my presence.  Most people do.

I am very sorry about the incident with the cute guy and his dog.  Next time, please pick a guy with a small, light colored dog instead of a big, dark dog and I will behave better.  I didn't think he was that cute anyhow, by the way.

I want to point out that I didn't pee or howl when you made the unfortunate choice of leaving me behind when you went to the store.   Hopefully that makes up some for the aforementioned unfortunate incident.

Oh, and please don't tell people that I spent most of the weekend in your lap.   They say that Westies are not lap dogs and I don't want to be the one responsible for ruining an entire breed's reputation. 

My mom is very sad that you are gone so I had to remind her that even if you won't miss her, you will miss me, and that will get you back.  I know you can't stay away from our beautiful weather, nice beaches, excellent shopping me for long. 

Please come back soon.  My people are already slacking off in my care and I might not last another 6 months without you.




  1. Oh Duncan! You have such a way with words. We're sure your Aunty Karen will be back in no time. But we're sure that you won't be neglected in the meantime!

  2. Heeheehee! Well, no one said you had good manners, huh?BOL I'm sure Aunty Karen will be back in no time to spoil you rotten!



    1. I hope she comes back soon. My face is stuck in "sad" mode.

  3. That is a wonderful letter Duncan. You have managed to say so much in those few lines....
    Toodle pip!