Monday, April 4, 2011

Farmer D Update

I know, I know.

So very sorry for the delay in getting you the back forty (or in our case, the front point four) update.

What, you think we're a Farmer's Almanac or something?

You really can't depend on us for dependable ranch-hand advice. Case in point ... we tore the tags off the plants when we planted them and now we're playing the guessing game as to what is what.

All votes here are that the above is blueberries. Yep, not gonna be the tester myself, of course, as I was listening those three hundred and forty two million times my mom yelped out "Duncan ... spit that out ... berries can be poisonous."

Yes, you doubters, I do listen to my mother.

Anywoof ... Mom says the limes would grow better if I would keep my nose out of the bush. Apparently I knock the blossoms off.
Who, moi????

She also said something about how many tangerines I could grow if I would keep my wiggly little hiney off of the ledge.
That one is probably not gonna happen.
But you already knew that, right??

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