Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Resolution #6


My mom kind of hates it when I talk about her personal stuff here.

REALLY hates it.

But the time has come to tell her secret.


Dad has tried.

Friends have tried.

(Here is a little shout out to A who gave my mom the most fantastic re-usable water bottle!!!)

But, alas, Mom can't get around the fact that she grabs a bottle on the way out of the house and sips on it in the car while running her errands instead of driving through for yet another diet coke.

Ahhh, why do these justifications work for her and not for me???

Anywoof, we are going to do the next best thing.

We are gonna recycle.

Yessiree puppers, we are gonna recycle EVERY LAST ONE of those bottles.

And I get to be the crusher!!!

This is one resolution that's gonna be easy for me to keep!!!!

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  1. OK, agreed plastic bottled WATER is better for you than extra large diet coke...one step at a time! nicely played. 1 point Mom -1 point earth.