Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And another thing ...

HORSE: noun; a guadraped much like myself only much larger; large enough to kick me from the mountains to the sea when skittish, like when a dog barks at it or something.

You must be kidding me. As I pawsercise from the moutains to the sea I might also have to yield to horses? I mean really, who are we kidding? I bark at horses when they are on TV. I bark when they are on TV and the volume is off. I bark when they are on TV and the volume is off and the picture is off.


More importantly, I am highly confident that horses don't like moi.

The more I think about it, maybe I should just invest in a doggie treadmill.

Anybody know any good pup trainers???

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  1. Dear Duncan,
    I promise you horses are really, really good friends. You just have to get to know them and barking at them doesn't help. My friend Lexie insists on biting their back ankles and that doesn't help either! However, your friend Sophie just sniffs their noses and they all LOVE her! So try that angle... you might make a new BIG friend.