Friday, September 17, 2010

Blame These Two

Listen up pups and pupettes ... if you don't have any favorite aunts, you better get yourself some, ASAP!!!

I was in the dog house BIG TIME until these two came to the rescue.

I got bored while mom was in the shower (she wouldn't let me in) and ate more merchandise.

It was really, really bad because we have a show this weekend.

BAD HABIT combined with BAD TIMING = practically no salvation.

It was the worst it's ever been.

Even since I was a little wee one who pooped inside all the time.

THAT bad.

Mom was MAD.

I sent out an SOS and these two came running.

They grabbed me and told mom what a great dog I was.

They brought mom something they kept calling "lick her."

Last thing I heard, Mom was saying that life was good.

And something about Karen and Harriet being to blame for there being no NO NO FRIDAY today.

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