Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good Dog Design


I don't know about your Mom, but my Mom has a real thing for handbags.

Especially totes.

I am kind of thinking that maybe I should get her this one for Mother's Day.  You know, that dog on there, although it is not a Westie, would make her think about me ALL THE TIME!!!!

If you click here, you can go to the Blue Blood Living website and see some others that they've got which are also very cool.  They are reversible even. 

Yep, think I am going to have to get my mom one of these.  Anybody got a credit card I can borrow???

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  1. My peep likes totes, too. She can't remember where She puts all must stuff because She has so many of them! Hey, We've got a Mini just like yours...well, no, I'm on the side instead of you!
    AroooOOOO, Stuart

    1. That's all "my" stuff. Good Grief! Can't type today.