Monday, December 12, 2011

Holiday Shopping Guide: For the Wine Lover

Well, Happy Monday, everybody.

Guess you can tell by the topic of this blog post what we did all weekend, right?

Mom says her motto for the new year is gonna be "Life is short, drink more wine."

With that thought in mind, allow us to share with you a few gift ideas for the dog loving wine drinkers in your lives:

Starting at the top of the bottle, we're loving the idea of a stopper.  There's tons of them out there, but we liked this one from Arbor Hill a whole lot.



Moving on the the bottom of the glass, we think these wine charms we found on Etsy are pretty fun, and they are a great price point for what my mom likes to call "girlfriend gifts." 



And, for the whole shebang, why not get them a membership to a wine club that benefits shelters and rescues.  If you want to take it all the way, you can even customize the label!  Check it out at


CHEERS, puppers!

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