Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I would do it!


If it would get me to Hawaii, I would do it.

I would put on a Hawaiian shirt and hit the airport.

This is me when I was a younger wee one, trying on a shirt I was considering wearing for my dad's birthday.

He's a shirt guy.

If it would get me to Hawaii, I, Duncan, who has sworn off clothes, would put a shirt on and wear it the entire time.

Yessiree pups and pupettes ... I'd be quite a vision strolling on the beach, don't you think???

Let's all leave lots of comments.

Comments and comments and comments until Mom decides she can't NOT take me with her next time.

Let's build the pressure, pups and peeps.



I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Duncan - I'm not as technically astute as you so when i posted a comment apparently it didn't work. So here we go again...I am happy to support you on a trip to Hawaii Little D! I'll get you signed up with a frequent flyer pass and off we'll go. You'll have to wiggle out when your parents aren't looking...kind of a covert op! Maybe by then hollywood will send a limo for us and we can go to the private Puperie jet in style! Keep up the good work and Hollywood will be standing in line trying to talk to you!

  2. Aloha Aunty Karen ... pack your bags because I am ready to wiggle out whenever you are!